OTCBB: Stocks whose shares trade on the Over-The-Counter Bulletin Board, irrespective of market capitalization Pink Sheets: Stocks whose shares trade on the "Pink Sheets" irrespective of market capitalization Community Boards: Public boards for market related but non-stock specific discussion What are Penny Stocks. Penny stocks are those which are traded somewhere in the price range from $0.0001 to $1.00. But how are these stocks traded? I can hear you ask this! These stocks are usually bought and sold over the counter or by means of the quotation services, which includes the well-known Pink sheets and the OTC bulletin boards.

What is the difference between OTC-QX, OTC-QB, and OTC-Pink? They are all tiered marketplaces - with different rules for qualifying. "OTC-Pink" - I believe you are referring to "pink sheets current information" which requires, among other things, financial statements (current) and the same time of information found in a 211 filing. The Companies can provide no assurance that its common stock will continue to trade on the OTC Pink Sheets, whether broker-dealers will continue to agree to provide public quotes of the Companies ... Retro Laminates: 4' x 8' Matte Sheets - $221. 3 Week Lead Time For Production (Whole Sheets Only) Please note that due to monitor inconsistencies colors may vary. Laminates are Horizontal Grade with .048 Inch Thickness.